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Great Divide Physical Therapy

What if you could live without the pain and limitations of your hypermobility? What if you could exercise like normal, stretch like normal, and live like you aren't at risk of injury? The Hypermobility Solution could be exactly what you've been searching for.

A team dedicated to change

Great Divide Physical Therapy is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those affected by hypermobility syndrome. We offer a way to seek treatment through our local Missoula clinic or our online resources and knowledge.

Who We Are

Kate Skinner PT Hypermobility Solution

Kate Skinner


Kate received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana in 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutritional Science from Montana State University. Kate is certified as a Mulligan Practitioner, and as a Health Fitness Instructor by the American College of Sports Medicine. She has advanced training in Primal Reflex Release Technique, completed the Strategic Orthopedics Spine System training through the American Back Pain Center, is a certified ASTYM provider, and has visceral manipulation training.


Lisa Bakker


Lisa earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana in 2011 after earning her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from the University of Montana. She obtained board certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) in 2015, has advanced training in Women’s Health through the American Physical Therapy Associations’ Capp program, continued education from the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), and is a certified ASTYM provider.


Karli Vaculik


Karli earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington in 2013 and completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Portland. She has completed continuing education courses through Herman & Wallace for women’s health with an additional emphasis on pelvic pain, as well as visceral manipulation through the Barral Institute. Karli also has advanced training through the Spinal Manipulation Institute for both spinal manipulation and instrument-assisted manual therapy.

The Hypermobility Solution

The Hypermobility Solution program includes office hours as part of its comprehensive service. Direct access to Kate and her team at Great Divide Physical Therapy allows individuals who need hypermobility help to get in-person consulting.

How do I schedule my session?

The hypermobility program lasts 10 weeks. We recommend scheduling your in-office session during your program. The office is located in Missoula, MT. This may involve travel for some but many find the one-on-one time to be very beneficial to their progress.

Lifetime access to resources

One hour of live delivery every week

One hour of in-office time

Direct access to Kate

10-week program with invaluable knowledge & exercises

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Our Philosophy

Our staff focuses on treatment as well as prevention. Our goal is to empower each and every one of our patients to take charge of their health and implement the changes they need to avoid needless pain. Our mission is to provide our patients with the tools they need to lead healthy, active lives without the aid of drugs or surgery.

We believe educations improves treatment:




Your continued health is our top priority.


Crissy Laubach

Within 15 minutes with Kate, I had a diagnosis and was on my way to recovery. She was thorough, understanding, reassuring, and open to questions. She always told me what to expect with my knee, so that I was fully prepared and knew exactly what to do. My knee has gained strength and we are now working on endurance, but most importantly, I no longer have pain and have my quality of life back.

Erin G

Kate Skinner has helped me immensely! I feel better, I'm stronger and I can take care of my body much better now. A surgeon suggested an operation, but Kate has helped me avoid that option.

Anne Crisp

Kate gave me my life back and we are so thankful for everything she has done. I wish I would have found her sooner. I could have prevented my bowel blockage surgery if I would have got to her sooner. The whole staff is wonderful.

Leslie Sims

Great Divide was my third attempt at physical therapy for my back, I feel I am finally on the road to recovery with my back! Kate Skinner and all the staff are awesome! Kate has been my answer to prayer

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