Hypermobility Solution

What if you could live without the pain and limitations of your hypermobility?

You'll gain access to a comprehensive library featuring over 70 episodes of past coaching calls, providing invaluable insights and strategies for managing hypermobility and other complex conditions. Join a thriving community of individuals who have shared similar symptoms and experiences, offering solidarity and understanding on your journey to better health.

Hi, I'm Kate Skinner

I'm a Doctor in Physical Therapy and I'm also Hypermobile

My history with hypermobility is similar to many others. Hypermobility is often misdiagnosed or worse, ignored.

Many sufferers spend years dealing with their symptoms before finally realizing the common thread and working on management.

I am a physical therapist and currently specialize in chronic pain and hypermobility. This path chose me as much as I chose it, and earned me my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2005 trying to solve my muscle pain.



Thank you so much for all this information!



Thank you, Kate!

You are so much help and validation that I've said all these things were wrong in my life. 

Thank you for your time and expertise.



You are SO helpful!!


Kyle Anne



Because of you, people can be the best version of themselves! Thanks, Kate!

What is the Hypermobility Solution?

Physical Therapy for Hypermobility Syndrome

The Hypermobility Solution will help you learn how to properly implement techniques that will help you improve your posture and stability, increase your strength, mental fortitude, and significantly reduce your pain - regardless of how bad it feels right now!

Hypermobility Solution will guide you on your path towards a pain-free life from the comfort and safety of your home and with the accountability and support from our team and online tribe.

You will make progress every week, all at your own pace!

Maybe you haven’t been diagnosed...

And you’re struggling to find answers, resources, or just even support.

Maybe you’re feeling unmotivated, alienated due to your condition and symptoms, or even depressed.

Maybe you can’t seem to find clear or complete professional resources to help you understand your symptoms and give you an accurate diagnosis.

Or, maybe you have been diagnosed...

and you are still processing it.

Maybe you have been diagnosed but haven’t found any treatment or solution that helps you reduce the pain when it's at its worst.

Maybe you’d just really appreciate some answers and solid guidance that can help you support a loved one suffering from Hypermobility.

If you (or someone you care for) experience some of these:

...you might be suffering from hypermobility.

  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Dislocated Joints
  • Dizziness
  • Poor Balance
  • Clicking Joints
  • Recurrent Joint Injuries
  • Digestive Issues
  • Thin Skin
  • Stretchy Skin
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Lack of motivation
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Unable to find a support group
  • Unable to find useful medical advice
  • Anxiety
  • Dissociation
  • Feeling like a bystander in your own life
  • Mentally exhausted

And, if you are left untreated, you could wind up with chronic pain and recurrent injuries.

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Forever access to 10 weeks of training and all the related resources

A step-by-step guide to managing your symptoms and reducing your pain.

PLUS, exclusive lifetime access to our Hypermobility Solution Facebook community.

The ability to take back control of your life.

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Why other systems fail...

You’ve spent hours daydreaming of considering what you would do if you didn’t have any pain.

You’ve wondered, “how it will feel? What will it mean for your future?”

You don’t know precisely how to improve your condition, but you know that you’re ready to start moving. You also know that this will take some work and that many other approaches out there don’t succeed.


Maybe you've tried other systems without effect. The reason why other systems fail is because:

  • They didn't educate you on what is causing your symptoms.
  • They didn't set realistic goals and you lost motivation.
  • There wasn't a tracking system in place to monitor progress.
  • They don't have the medical background to create a refined system.
  • They focused too much on strength training and not enough on balance.
  • They don't know what it's like to actually HAVE hypermobility.

Get the Hypermobility Solution

Get the Hypermobility Solution

What are you waiting for?

You want to live without hypermobility pain.

You want to start making changes from whenever you are right now.

You want to start making progress today but still remain safe.

You are ready for the Hypermobility Solution.

You Have Been Diagnosed With A Hypermobility-Related Syndrome...

Now What?

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