Episode 40 | Kate Skinner PT Coaching Calls

  • I need advice for a hypermobile 10-year-old who constantly sprains his fingers playing football. I used to have that problem when I was a child, but now it happens less frequently. I strap my fingers, and it mostly prevents issues. My child's therapist said not to strap his fingers. What's your advice?
  • My 3 kids have been diagnosed with hypermobility EDS. My 9 yo is the most affected with low tone, global motor delays, and pronation of ankles. I try to do my best to help him, but it seems like it's getting worse. He complains about light pain, fatigue, and putting on weight rapidly. He's in orthotics in his shoes. He has seen OT and PT since he was 4. Will PT really help someone with a low tone? What's the point?

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