Episode 54 | Kate Skinner PT Coaching Calls

  • I have an alignment issue around C2/C3 that no one has been able to adjust for years. There is a rubbing sound when I rotate my head, and it has been there since 2008. Any recommendations?
  • My legs aren't strong enough to hold good posture. I'm doing Pilates to help with this. Is that a good idea? What about muscle building? How can I improve muscle tone?
  • I know walking in the sand is not good for people with hypermobility. Other than a strong core, are there other things someone can do to tolerate this better?
  • My sister just told our family that we cannot strengthen our tendons, so I should focus on muscle strength. Is that true?
  • Have you had any patients following the Cusack Protocol. Has it shown results?

You Have Been Diagnosed With A Hypermobility-Related Syndrome...

Now What?

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