Episode 42 | Kate Skinner PT Coaching Calls

  • As well as being hypermobile walking like a duck, and gripping my toes habitually, I also have a Morten's foot on one foot (the big toe on my right foot is super short!), Any advice for a ""missing big toe"" as well as hypermobility when doing exercises?
  • My calves have been hurting and extra tight for years now; it's hard to massage them. They're tight because of the toe curl; how do I learn to walk right again?
  • My toes curl, too, I've tried stretches, but they cause pain on the top of my foot and into the big toe. I could take longer walks years before, but now my feet and ankles feel exhausted.
  • I have my ring and middle finger that keep locking when they go down towards my palm. When they finally open, you can see them jumping, and it hurts. This is worse in the morning. This happens esporadically all day, what I can do?

You Have Been Diagnosed With A Hypermobility-Related Syndrome...

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